Innovative Solutions for People        Living With Physical Disabilities

Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities

Monkey Business – April 2024

Times change, but our mission remains the same.
April 27, 2024

As April ends, we are seeing a burst of flowers all over the Boston area. I know many of you who read our eNews are from other parts of the United States and the world, so it is lovely to share a bit of Boston with you at this time of year.

We are marking just over a year since we officially announced our transition into Envisioning Access. We are staying true to our mission of providing enhanced quality of life and opportunities for individuals, and communities living with physical disabilities. We will never waiver from that purpose. As you are aware we are now engaging with tech start-ups and universities to develop technology. As the technology is developed, we ask those in the disability community to test the technology to insure it is appropriate before any new product hits the market.

This is important and vital work. The technology we are working on must:

  • providing a means to assist with a path for employment; 
  • offering assistance to going back to higher education;
  • and, helping to alleviate isolation.

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