Innovative Solutions for People        Living With Physical Disabilities

Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities


Formerly Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers. We provided help and touched hearts for over forty years.


Envisioning Access: Solutions for those living with physical disabilities and care for post-service monkeys.


Envisioning Access: Exploring and advancing visionary technologies for those living with physical disabilities.

Envisioning Access - Our History


Envisioning Access, originally known as Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled, Inc., was founded to raise and train capuchin monkeys to provide daily in-home assistance to people living with spinal cord injury or other mobility impairments.

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Envisioning Access - Today

Our Current Work

The mission of our organization is not changing. From its inception our founders envisioned access for all. We hold to this mission today by continuing our work and finding solutions so we may provide enhanced quality of life and opportunities for individuals living with physical disabilities.

As a result, we are transitioning from a service animal model to exploring innovative technologies so we become the disability community’s convening organization and premier conduit to technology partners that will provide an improved quality of life for those living with physical disabilities. We are examining different types of assistive robotic technologies and exploring the various uses of augmented/virtual reality, and how these technologies can assist those living with physical disabilities by helping meet their socialization, mental health and other health care needs. We are building pilot projects in both the areas of assistive tech/robotics and augmented/virtual reality with the input of the populations that will most benefit from the technologies, as well as scientists from universities and companies. Additionally, we will never forget our service animals, so we are providing a safe, healthy, fulfilling environment for post-service and medically challenged monkeys for the rest of their lives.

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Envisioning Access - Our Future

Innovative Technology Initiative

Envisioning Access is developing an Innovative Technology Initiative to develop pilot projects that will involve Envisioning Access, recipients who can expertly advise on technologies that will assist them in living with physical disabilities, and companies and/or researchers developing the technologies.  The Innovative Technology Initiative (ITI) will stay true to our organization’s original mission and provide resources to those who most need them. The ITI will stay in touch with recipients so that the technology is used continuously and appropriately once it is developed.

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We are successful because
of the support of our donors.
Thank you!


We are successful because
of the support of our donors.
Thank you!

Time to Meet Our Monkeys!

Helping Hands Monkey Helpers veterinary staff holding monkey

The post-service monkeys living at the Monkey Living Center each have distinct personalities, favorite toys or activities, food preferences, bathing routines, and social behaviors. 

Koko LOVES mirrors. She flirts with her own reflection like she is the most beautiful monkey she has ever seen. She does have some of the most amazing tufts on her head!

Nicky is not afraid of anything! In fact, when we got a Roomba at The Monkey Living Center, he was the first monkey to go up to it and press all the buttons to make it go!

Dippy adores her baths. She will sit comfortably under the faucet and let someone wash and rinse her. At the end of this little performance, Dippy gets oatmeal—her favorite treat!

Did you know that monkeys can be ticklish? Shelly is a sweet and happy girl who is super ticklish and will roll over laughing if her human even touches her stomach! She’s also quite the artist – she loves to draw!
Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers at the Monkey Living Center

This is just a sampling of the characteristics and behaviors we encounter every day. For more stories about our amazing capuchins go to Meet Our Monkeys.

Accessible Fencing in conjunction with the Boston Fencing Club

Have you always been interested in fencing but didn’t know where to start? Join Envisioning Access and The Boston Fencing Club on Friday, October 25 for an afternoon of instruction, information, and fun!

Volunteer Opportunities

Envisioning Access is actively looking for talented people to join our Development Committee and/or our Board of Directors. 

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