Innovative Solutions for People        Living With Physical Disabilities

Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities

Job Opportunities

Currently there are no job opportunities available. 

Please check back as we do post any of our current openings here.  

Volunteer Opportunities

Member of the Board of Directors

Envisioning Access is looking for new board members who want to join an organization that is dynamic and undertaking new and exciting initiatives. We are developing innovative technologies, like AR/VR, robotics, and AI, in conjunction with tech start-ups and universities, for those living with physical disabilities not only for today but for the future. Founded in 1979, the organization has recently undergone a dynamic transformation from a service animal model to establishing an Innovative Technology Initiative. We are working with scientists and designers, some of whom have physical disabilities themselves while also using our recipient base and developing relationships with other partners to bring on those who will use these technologies to test the products and provide input on the design and efficacy of the product. At Envisioning Access, we are amazed to discover that technology developed for the disability community is often developed without the input of anyone in the disability community. We hope that no technology for the disability community will be made without the feedback of those using the tech, and if possible, developed by someone in the disability community.

All our projects have three main goals in addition to providing accessibility for all. The technology must:

  • provide a means to assist with a path to employment;
  • offer assistance to getting back to school if that is what the individual wants; and,
  • help alleviate isolation.

We are looking for board members who are excited to join us to help lead the organization into its next phase as we embark upon new pilot projects exploring the best technologies that can be developed. We are looking for those who understand and/or are open to learning these technologies. Connections in the technology world, those living with disabilities, and anyone interested in joining a board of those committed to providing enhanced quality of life and opportunities for individuals, caregivers, and communities living with physical challenges please reach out.

For more information, please email Executive Director Diane Nahabedian.

Special Events/Development Committee Members

Envisioning Access, formerly Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers, is actively seeking candidates interested in organizing special events and assisting in fundraising to work alongside senior staff, volunteers, and board members on our Special Events/Development Committee.

Specifically, we are looking for people who have fundraising, marketing, and/or event planning skills and are willing to reach out to introduce us to potential donors/funders or sponsors for events.

If interested, please contact us.