Innovative Solutions for People        Living With Physical Disabilities

Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities

Innovative Technology for Those Living with Physical Disabilities
Innovative Technology for Those Living with Physical Disabilities

Innovative Technology for Those Living with Physical Disabilities

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As an organization dedicated to working with those living with physical disabilities, we look at our history with great pride. Now, Envisioning Access is in an exciting transition phase, undertaking initiatives that will allow us to continue to serve the disability community by providing resources through the utilization of robotics, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Envisioning Access is looking to take the 40+ years of experience, intellectual property, and insights it has gained in service to the disability community and offer it in collaboration with robotics, AR, VR, and AI research organizations, firms, and service providers.

The goal of our new Innovative Technology Initiative is to offer new technologies, now coming on the market at a rapid pace, that help empower individuals with physical disabilities to live more independent and engaged lives. As when we trained service monkeys from the 1980s through the early 2000s, our goal today is to provide tools that allow individuals with physical disabilities to have opportunities to pursue meaningful careers, advanced educational degrees, and fulfilling personal lives.

Currently, Envisioning Access is looking at implementing:

  • Robotics Pilot Projects leading to a permanent Robotics Program
  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Pilot Projects leading to a permanent Virtual & Augmented Reality Program

How Does It All Work?

Envisioning Access is working directly with people who are living with a physical disability who can advise scientists, researchers and developers at companies and universities as they develop technology that is appropriate to assist those with disabilities in their daily living needs. Often a piece of technology comes on the market that is not useful for someone living with a disability. Through our pilot projects, Envisioning Access hopes to involve the disability population directly so the technology developed is useful, affordable, and available for those who need it.

Pilot Projects in Progress

Envisioning Access is currently engaging in pilot projects to determine how the innovative technology under development will:

  • Improve the quality of life and assist in daily living needs for those living with physical disabilities; and
  • Provide peace of mind for the primary caregiver.
Man at a computer in a wheelchair

Envisioning Access is delighted that we are currently brainstorming four pilot projects as we move into the future, including:

  • An assistive robotics project with Northeastern University’s Institute of Experiential Robotics to ascertain if human service robots will assist a person living with multiple sclerosis in his daily living needs as well as give his primary caregiver peace of mind. As part of this project, we are also looking at the effects of chronic illnesses and aging. As individuals age they often face a myriad of disabilities. We are determining both the intersection of technology and disability; and chronic disabilities and aging with this project.
2 women and 2 men standing behind a robotic arm
  • The Billy Project is looking at the utilization of both augmented and virtual reality in an accessible manner that provides individuals living with physical disabilities, who may be isolated, greater access to the digital world. This is a collaboration between a European-based and Canadian technology consortium that is developing special technology specifically designed for those living with physical disabilities, and Envisioning Access. Additionally, the technology can then be adapted for anyone making this new technology accessible for all.
  • Working with Toronto-based Sense Tech Solutions to produce software that will create information and communication technology (ICT) platforms based on feedback from those living with disabilities throughout a two-year process. Envisioning Access will be instrumental in providing key knowledge through the recipient’s real-world experiences of what the ICT platform needs.
  • Working with a Seattle-based company we are at the birth of their XR technology to assist those with low vision. 

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