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Monkey Business – August 2023

While Summer Fades to Fall, Things Heat Up!
August 26, 2023

Summer always seems so quick. The build up to the warmer temperatures here in Boston seem to take forever throughout the spring as we wait for the trees to turn green and the flowers to bloom. Now as August comes to an end our streets will be full of young new students trying to find their way around our very exciting city.

It has been a good summer at Envisioning Access as we continue to transition and rebrand our organization. If you are reading our eNews you know that we are making great progress working with technology start-ups while also taking care of our post-service monkeys.

This month I want to devote time to our monkeys. In September we will be hosting our September Challenge raising money for our Monkey Living Center. All of us are excited that once again one of our generous donors, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered a challenge and will match up to $15,000 in donations, dollar for dollar. The money we raise will go towards the health and wellness of our monkeys. Throughout September, you will be able to follow the story of one extraordinary monkey, Melanie, on our website and on all our social media channels.

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In this Issue: Greetings from the Executive Director, Technology Corner-Google’s Robots Are Getting Smart, So How Long Until We Get Pampered?, Matching Gift Campaign, Meet a Monkey: Shelly, August Birthday Round-up