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Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities

Monkey Business – December 2021

Monkey Week is Almost Here!
December 3, 2021

MONKEY WEEK – “is that real?” you ask. Well to be honest we invented it! Since 2000 Monkey Day has been celebrated on December 14. Originally created by contemporary artists Casey Sorrow and Eric Millikin, when the two were students at Michigan State University, the day is often celebrated to raise awareness about different species of primates and the issues in their conservation.

At Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers we have taken the one day and turned it into a week of celebrating the vast accomplishments of our capuchins and the services they provided to hundreds of adults living with mobility impairments.  Read More

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Dedicating a play space
In this Issue: Monkey Week is almost here, Online Auction, A Seven Year Old Brings Joy to the Monkeys, Celebrating the Dedication of 2 of our new Play Spaces, December Birthday Round-up, 2022 Calendar