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Innovative Solutions for People
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Monkey Business – January 2023

A crystal ball to predict the future? Hardly…
January 28, 2023

Want to do good, have fun, enjoy some delicious food and celebrate the past, present and future of Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers all at the same time? Well, you can on March 25th at our gala event From Monkeys to Robots at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation at 154 Moody Street in Waltham, MA. It will be more than a night to enjoy food, desserts, spirits, and wines. It will also be an evening to celebrate our past, present, and future. It will be a night you don’t want to miss. So, visit our website to buy tickets and/or become a sponsor of this event.

January is also a time to look ahead into the year. It isn’t quite like having a crystal ball to completely predict the future, but it is an opportunity to view the 12 months ahead and plan. For Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers it means more of our dynamic transition, more news on upcoming projects in both the assistive robotics arena and mixed reality world while also ensuring our beloved monkeys are well cared for. January 2023 eNews

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In this Issue: Save the Date: March 25, Become a Sponsor, We Need Volunteers, Welcome new board members Jill Rocca and Keith Tomlinson, Birthday Round-up