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Innovative Solutions for People
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Monkey Business – November 2021

The ties that bind – with love for our monkeys
November 9, 2021

Bonding with our Monkeys – The bond between our capuchins and our recipients, or our special care families and/or animal care staff are all examples of the human-animal bond that has developed beautifully. After over 40 years of working with capuchins we know what happens when the capuchins and the humans with whom they work, live, and play are together for many years. Currently, we are supporting 100 monkeys including 10 with recipients, 35 in special care homes, and 55 in our Monkey Living Center in Boston.

We often discuss the impact our service monkeys make on our recipients and the bond they form with both the recipient and the recipient’s family. However, what we don’t usually discuss is the tremendous bond our special care families have with their monkeys, or the bonds the animal staff form over time with the monkeys at the Monkey Living Center. Read More

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Playing BINGO
In this Issue: Bonding with our monkeys, Welcome Julie Totten and Matthew Salcedo, You came, you saw, you played BINGO, November Birthday Round-up, 2022 Calendar