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Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities

Monkey Business – October 2021

What an Inspiring Month!
September 30, 2021

We look for inspiration everywhere these days. Often, we find it when we least expect it. For those of us involved in Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers our little six-pound capuchin Siggy is a source of inspiration that surprises those of us who have worked with her for many years. If you have been following her story this past month you know she has beaten breast cancer, stood up to bullies, supported three different adults with mobility impairments, and is now back in Boston hanging out with her best friend. Read More

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Siggy - a black and white capuchin monkey
In this Issue: Inspiration is all around us, Siggy's Story, Welcome Sophia Spring, Join us for BINGO, 2022 Calendar