Innovative Solutions for People        Living With Physical Disabilities

Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities

Monkey Business – October 2023

Providing Accessibility today and in the future…
October 28, 2023

It is all around us—technology. Even those of us who say we do not quite understand all this new technology are using it daily. Think about it—most of us are using mobile phones, driving cars that are up-to-date or are driving EV or hybrid cars. Many of us may have smart homes or partially smart homes. Ok—if you don’t have a “smart home” my guess is many of you reading this have terrific large screen televisions accessing many channels and streaming all the latest movies and series. That is new technology.

Envisioning Access is on the cutting edge as well. As we close out October, we are working on projects that will change the way persons with disabilities live their lives thanks not to technology available today, but technology we are working on for the future. Thanks to all of you we are able to do this work.

Over the next 12-18 months you will meet some new recipients and new technologies. Today, one of our newer recipients George, who lives in a Boston suburb with his wife, is experimenting with a wearable called SensoRehab. George lives with Multiple Sclerosis and over the last few years has begun to have limited mobility in both his upper and lower body. SensoRehab is a glove that restores hand motor function in those living with neurological disorders including, but not limited to stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy. All online, Envisioning Access will provide strategic feedback on the usefulness of the glove and outcomes based on those who test the glove.

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