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Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities

Staff Kim Gomez Portrait

Kim Gomez

Placement Trainer

Kim has always had an affinity for animals, having owned a plethora of domesticated mammals and reptiles while she was growing up. She discovered Helping Hands in the summer of 2013 while attending Boston University, and started interning while completing her BA in behavioral biology. She continued volunteering post-graduation while pursuing a career as a personal trainer, until she happily joined the staff of Helping Hands in 2019.

Kim enjoys hearing her monkeys’ happy calls every day and is elated to be part of a big family of monkeys and humans. In her spare time, she continues to empower women as a weightlifting and strength and conditioning coach in a local all-women’s fitness facility. Outside of work, Kim loves kettlebell training, movie marathons, and hanging out with her friends and pet snake.