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Support Envisioning Access at the Falmouth Road Race

Support our team at the Falmouth Road Race, August 18! 

The Falmouth Road Race (FRR) was established in 1973, and is one of the premier running events of the New England summer season. Each year the race draws an international field of Olympians, elite, and recreational runners out to enjoy the iconic 7-mile seaside course. 

The creation of the FRR At-Home Edition allows runners and walkers alike to experience Falmouth from their own hometown. Anyone can walk or run 7 miles in 7 days beginning August 12th and like our Envisioning Access team, support the work of the organization. Learn more about the FFR At-Home Edition.

About Gina Noveletsky

Meet Gina Noveletsky, a proud Falmouth native whose roots run deep in the scenic coastal town of Massachusetts. Born and raised amidst the charm of Falmouth, Gina continues to call this beloved community her home, where she resides with her loving husband, cherished dog, and newly welcomed daughter.

For Gina, the Falmouth Road Race isn’t just a yearly event—it’s a cherished tradition. From her earliest memories, she has been lacing up her running shoes and hitting the pavement, fueled by the spirit of her hometown and the camaraderie of fellow runners.

This year, Gina’s journey takes on a new significance. After welcoming her precious daughter into the world in April, she has set her sights on the road race once again. With determination and dedication, Gina is embarking on a journey of training and preparation, eager to reclaim her place among the runners she has long admired.

But Gina’s journey isn’t just about personal achievement—it’s about making a difference. With your support, Gina aims to raise funds for Envisioning Access, ensuring that every step she takes is a step towards positive change.

Join Gina on her inspiring quest as she balances motherhood, training, and her unwavering commitment to her community. Your donation will not only help her reach her fundraising goal but will also contribute to a brighter future for those in need.

Together, let’s cheer on Gina as she runs for Falmouth, for family, and for a cause close to her heart.

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