Innovative Solutions for People        Living With Physical Disabilities

Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities


Thank you for choosing to donate to Envisioning Access (formerly Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers). Since 1979, we have given recipients the priceless gift of greater independence. Now, we are developing initiatives that will allow us to continue to serve the disability community by providing resources through the utilization of assistive technologies including, robotics, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thank you for being a part of this journey!

Be a Founding Member of our Innovative Technology Initiative and support our

  • Robotics Pilot Projects
  • Virtual Reality Projects
  • Augmented Reality Projects

As a Founding Member, you will be one of the first to bring innovative technologies to recipients of Envisioning Access. Contact us to learn how. 

Your support of our Innovative Technology Initiative will benefit our ongoing work in developing projects that bring together Envisioning Access, our recipients (clients), and technology companies dedicated to developing accessible technology with input from our recipients. Your donations will allow us to develop specific pilot projects to ascertain the effectiveness of the technologies. Currently, we are developing:

The Billy Project – looking at how to make virtual reality gaming more accessible for those living with physical mobility impairments. This is a collaboration between a special effects company, Envisioning Access, a person living with a spinal cord injury, and a gaming company. The total cost of this project will be $200,000, and we are looking for support for:

  • $150 – video conferencing program
  • $250 – tools for virtual reality
  • $500 – for virtual reality games
  • $1,000 – support of session between recipient and scientist to test technology

Working with
Cognimate (formerly SensoRehab) on a glove that restores hand motor function in those living with neurological disorders including, but not limited to stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy. All online, Envisioning Access will provide strategic feedback on the usefulness of the glove and outcomes based on those who test the glove.

Cost of the project: 
$5,000 for a physical therapist to work with clients
$1,000 for equipment

Assistive Robotics – A Project with Northeastern University’s Institute of Experiential Robotics. The total cost of this project is $150,000.

In collaboration with one of Boston’s premier robotics research centers, we will work with the team at Northeastern to use our knowledge of how individuals living with physical disabilities can inform the work of those developing autonomous and robotic systems. This is an exciting and leading-edge project involving recipients of Envisioning Access and the scientists of Northeastern University.

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