Innovative Solutions for People        Living With Physical Disabilities

Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities

Why we support Hellion's Building Fund

John and Ingrid started giving to Helping Hands 15 years ago when they read about our service monkeys and our unique cause. “It felt good to help people living with physical disabilities receive a monkey as a companion. We understand the importance of having that bond with an animal because our pets have helped us get through many difficult times.”

This year John and Ingrid decided to name a monkey play space at our Monkey Living Center as part of Hellion’s Building Fund. The fund has covered immediate renovations that were made to keep the monkeys safe from the COVID-19 virus and create more living space for additional post-service monkeys. “We felt it was critical to contribute to the fund to ensure the monkeys have the living space they need for their retirement from service. They’ve helped so many people living with disabilities and now it’s our time to care for them.”

We’d like to thank John and Ingrid for their very generous gift to our emergency fund and their steadfast support of our monkeys and recipients!! Please consider donating to the building fund to support our beloved monkeys.

John and Ingrid