Innovative Solutions for People        Living With Physical Disabilities

Innovative Solutions for People
       Living With Physical Disabilities

Robin Dorogusker Leadership Portrait

Robin Dorogusker

Board Member

Robin is the Executive Vice President at DENS Facility Services where she is charged with planning and overseeing business operations and development activities. As an industry leader experienced in providing “best in class” client services, she is also responsible for ensuring the development and implementation of efficient systems and resources required to meet the current and future needs of DENS Facility Services and their clients.

Robin has a background in commercial real estate project management and has worked with a variety of organizations in transition, including life science, institutional and nonprofit. Most recently, she was COO of Hereva Consultants, Inc., a premier project management firm specializing in the design and construction of life science facilities. 

With more than 30 years of experience in facilities, capital projects, and project management, Robin has a strong track record of providing strategic thought leadership, facilitating engagement and delivering results, all while maintaining her commitment to giving back to her community. 

Always one to get involved in volunteer activities, Robin has been on the Board of Directors for Helping Hands since 2019. As a Board Member, she contributes to the Strategic Planning and Facilities Committees. She was recently part of the team that completed a $1M facilities emergency improvement project due to COVID-19 and also applied her expertise as a member of the Building Committee for Helping Hands.