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Meet the Monkeys - two monkeys grooming

Meet the Monkeys in All Their Environments

Like all of us, our monkeys each have their own personalities, likes, and dislikes! Meet the Monkeys – some who live at the Monkey Living Center, some who are still helping people across the country, and some who live in special care homes. Our capuchin monkey profiles will change every quarter, so be sure to visit us again soon!

Watch our monkeys being monkeys in our  Monkey Helpers Videos.

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Mango is the oldest monkey here at The Monkey Living Center—he turned 40 in 2023. He’s been placed two times, and his first placement lasted 15 years! Mango has a special bond with his handler, Doug because they are the same age—they were both born in April 1983!



What’s it like sharing your life with a 31-year-old capuchin monkey?

Just ask Corinne! She found out about Helping Hands on a national news program. She began the application process immediately. In January 2008, “Sassy” Glassie arrived at her door with two placement trainers. As all our recipients can attest, it takes both patience and commitment to have a service monkey. Corinne likens living with a monkey to “having a two-year-old” where “every day is a new adventure.” Glassie definitely keeps Corrine on her toes!



Nicky, a sweet 33-year-old male capuchin monkey, is enjoying his post-service life here at the Monkey Living Center. (In 2006, Nicky was placed with Robert, a young man in Texas, and they had over ten wonderful years together until Robert passed away.) Nicky loves his baths and can’t wait for his treats of walnuts, oatmeal, and peanut butter – in fact, he taps the counter when he is ready for a treat!



At 34 years old this sweet and sassy capuchin is quite the social butterfly. She loves leading Chelsea, her handler, around the monkey floor to say “hi” and flirt with all her monkey friends.

But her best friend is Bambi. You can often find them together in the playspaces grooming one another in any sunny spot.



Koko and TC are best bathing friends. Koko (“Koko Bean”) enjoys baths and loves to soak in the hot water with lots of bubbles. Koko often gets splashed in the face as TC washes herself. That’s the reason TC is a bit blurry in the bathing photo—she loves splashing around! Koko likely wishes her bathing buddy was a little less enthusiastic!



Sweet Sadie is a 38-year-old monkey enjoying her post-service years with her best friends Kyla and Toby at Helping Hands. She has helped multiple people over her many years and now deserves the very best care we can provide for her. Sadie loves all food and will happily munch on any treat you give her.



All the Helping Hands monkeys have their own distinct personalities. Did you know that they all take baths a bit differently? Some like still water. Some like to play in bubbles. Some prefer to be under a shower. Some bathe themselves. Some, like Dippy, like their trainer to do all the work! Dippy will sit comfortably under the faucet and have her trainer Allyson wash and rinse her. At the end of this little performance, Dippy gets oatmeal—her favorite treat!



Writer Mark Twain once said, “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” We think Shelly would agree with Mr. Twain! Shelly is a happy and shy 35-year-old monkey who is super ticklish. She usually rolls over laughing if her human touches her stomach! One of our favorite things about Shelly is her distinctive wrinkles around her face.



Good things come in small packages! Don’t let her size fool you. Kyla is quite the self-assured and independent little lady.

Kyla is a 37-year-old post-service monkey who enjoys spending her time with Alison and other monkeys, especially her BFFs Lucy and Sadie.



Do you know someone that can bring a smile to your face just by their mere presence? That’s Toby! She is a sweet 36-year-old capuchin monkey that resides at the Monkey Living Center. She’s been placed successfully several times and has brought joy to many people.


Did you know you can symbolically adopt a Helping Hands Monkey? 

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