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Kukla, a capuchin monkey wrapped in a white towel

Meet Kukla!

At 34 years old this sweet and sassy capuchin is quite the social butterfly. She loves leading Chelsea, her handler, around the monkey floor to say “hi” and flirt with all her monkey friends.

But her best friend is Bambi. You can often find them together in the playspaces grooming one another in any sunny spot. Of course, that’s only if they aren’t wrestling or playing Kukla’s favorite game of chase! When she’s feeling especially silly Kukla will flop over dramatically in front of Bambi and laugh until Bambi will play with her. She just loves being the center of attention!

When Kukla isn’t hanging out with her friends she enjoys a nice long bath with lots of bubbles and the faucet running so it can waterfall down her chest. She’d soak all day if she could and won’t get out until every last drop of water is gone from the tub! But this beauty needs her bath time to maintain her impressive head of hair. 

She has thick, silky tufts, the longest of all the monkeys in the Monkey Living Center. But you don’t have to tell her she’s beautiful. Her favorite toys are ones with mirrors so she can gaze at herself all day long. And when she is all done playing and bathing, Kukla will tell you there’s nothing better than finishing out her day snuggling with Chelsea in a nice warm blanket straight from the dryer.

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