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Meet Monkeys - Nicky - capuchin monkey portrait

Nicky: Mr. Sweet & Sensitive!

Nicky, a sweet 33-year-old male capuchin monkey, is enjoying his post-service life here at the Monkey Living Center. (In 2006, Nicky was placed with Robert, a young man in Texas, and they had over ten wonderful years together until Robert passed away.) Nicky loves his baths and can’t wait for his treats of walnuts, oatmeal, and peanut butter – in fact, he taps the counter when he is ready for a treat!

His days are spent spending quality time with his trainer Allyson, his half-sister Robin, and his friend Dippy. Allyson knows Nicky’s personality better than anyone at the Monkey Living Center. Nicky is one confident monkey, so he responds well to a trainer who matches his confidence. Allyson and Nicky have mutual respect for each other. In fact, Nicky is now so comfortable with Allyson that he lets her see his softer side. He can’t get enough of warm towels and blankets fresh from the laundry, which is why you might find them together in the laundry room most days! He is in absolute heaven when it’s time for a manicure! He is very happy when he gets his nails filed.

Nicky is not afraid of anything! In fact, when we got a Roomba at the Monkey Living Center, he was the first monkey to go up to it and press all the buttons to make it go! Allyson loves taking pictures of him as he likes to pose for the camera.

“I love Nicky –  he’s a super sweet, super smart boy. Some of my favorite relationships over the years have been with smart, confident boy monkeys, so I knew we’d be a great match.”

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