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Meet Monkeys - Koko - monkey placing Cd in player

Koko: Sweet “Koko Bean!”

Koko and TC are best bathing friends. Koko (“Koko Bean”) enjoys baths and loves to soak in the hot water with lots of bubbles. Koko often gets splashed in the face as TC washes herself. That’s the reason TC is a bit blurry in the bathing photo—she loves splashing around! Koko likely wishes her bathing buddy was a little less enthusiastic!

Meet Monkeys - Koko - Koko and TC taking a bath

Koko is the nurturer in the relationship. At 37 years old, she’s very patient with the younger and more immature TC, who doesn’t seem to mind a bit of mothering. She loves spending her time with Koko. Who wouldn’t want to be cared for (and groomed by) such a gentle and sweet capuchin monkey?

Koko loves to spend time in the playroom. Her favorite toys are stuffed bears and toys with mirrors. Sometimes she catches her reflection in the mirror, and flirts with herself, like she is the most beautiful monkey she’s ever seen! Perhaps she’s admiring the large, flat tufts on her head. She also is called by the affectionate nickname of “Little Flat Top” which her handler, Chelsea, uses on occasion. Don’t you just love her hair tufts?

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